Crocheting with plastic bags? Oh yeah, super fascinating. Beautiful results. Leap to a cozy little space off to the side… step on a magical carpet. Have you ever tried to crochet with plastic bags? If you have, you know what I’m talking about! If not, a stylish carpet makes s perfect project to start with. You’ll not just be making a 100% waterproof massage carpet, but you’ll be also recycling plastic bags. Oh, both of these facts will make you feel great.

Bag in progress

This piece of an adorable decor was crocheted in dense manner. Designer have chosen to crochet with plastic bags of different color for creating a bit bohemian chic styled Paris residence feeling.

Make your own, and definitely create another, because they make just way too cute inexpensive homemade gifts! I absolutely love this carpet! I got this one as a gift and I’ve been using it ever since. Every day my bare toes tip on it… super lovely.

And you can’t imagine, but my dear Mom got into making these so much. That she asked me to save all the plastic bags I’d come across. (Side note: for my grocery shopping I use fabric totes.)

So, how to make a carpet out of plastic bags?

First, you need to make your yarn. Then you need a big crochet hook.


Then crochet five loops and connect them into a circle. Then continue with single crochet. Design your carpet into a circle or make it oval. Both of the options require you to make extra stitches here and there to achieve the desired shape.Here’s a nice short instructional video for the crocheting part of the carpet when crocheting with plastic bags.

I do highly suggest giving it a go! If you have any questions about this project, please contact me or ask a question on our Contact Form; page. That way your question will stay online and other visitors can benefit from it, too. Thanks! While you are already into eco projects, how about Plastic Bags for Cards? Yet another great project to try!


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