Undoubtedly, such an occasion is worth commemorating, sharing loving words with the dear ones, it’s about celebrating life. The 70th anniversary is a holiday in its right. This is exactly why you should work hard and dearly on making the best out of it. For both your dear ones and you yourself. We decided to make things easier, yet again, and present to you some alternatives as to what the best gift ideas are concerned.


First and foremost, you should accept that whatever it may be, the gift you offer them should be one worth cherishing as one of the most precious memories in their lives. Sorry, didn’t mean to put even more pressure on you. You just have to bear in mind whatever you choose as the perfect 70th birthday gift, it will be remembered for a long time to come. And since it will grow into a memory, what else would make it more amazing than a well thought upon experience? Yes, we are talking, yet again, about feelings (we don’t even put great emphasis on material gifts, to be honest).

At such an occasion, a nice rendez-vous would be most appropriate. Get together with every one they care about and explain to them, one on one, what you would like to offer your dear birthday people. Explain to them how important it is that they feel nice and cared for and even loved. It is, undoubtedly, highly important. It could not matter less the location it takes place. The feeling they experience will just do it, irrespective of the fact that they actually met somewhere romantic, on a remote island or if it were to happen in the very same living room they have spent most of their leisure time enjoying life at its simplest ways. Or does it?

However, if they are the type to enjoy doing exciting things, then you might as well offer them another chance to live life at its fullest. Book a nice cabin in the woods for them to enjoy breathing the fresh air and take long, exciting strolls in the woods. Even a tropical island would do. Whatever you choose to offer them, make sure they will be able to enjoy one of the most amazing adventures they’ve had in a long time.book-design-doppo

Books. Books will always, and I mean it, they will always do. It doesn’t even matter what subject they are on, what characters they present and not even what genre they are. Books really do offer you the chance of living more lives than just that of your own. You live their lives as well. Book characters grow into very much alive life companions. You live as many lives as the books you read. Let that sink in.The 70th anniversary is a holiday in its right. Make it worth remembering by offering your loved ones something to feel. Present to them the special occasion of feeling something deep. Something worth cherishing and remembering for a very long time to come. Offer them experience.

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